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Streetwise & Instructus to Deliver Woman’s Development Programme

We are working in partnership with Streetwise to deliver a Springboard Consultancy course to a group of young women in Newcastle.

Streetwise is a registered regional charity that works with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people from across the North-East. With a particular focus on hard to reach areas of the city of Newcastle, Streetwise exists to provide free, confidential advice and support services that empower young people to make informed choices.

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Many of the young people that use Streetwise are dealing with complex and multi-layered issues. In the last year, the charity has managed over 16,000 visits or contacts with over 7,000 young people. Streetwise have won local and national awards for their work, and have a strong reputation with parents, GPs, health workers, teachers and police.

We are working with trainer Sue Wild to run the Woman’s Development programme for a group of 12 women aged 18-25. These women have accessed the project seeking support and advice on confidence, self-esteem and anxiety. Being ‘invisible’ in a busy cityscape, these young women are finding that their own needs are not met, and the demands on them can be greater than they can manage. The Streetwise team will identify the delegates via referral, and ensure they are ready to take part in the programme. The delegates will be at a stage where they are emerging from one of the support services at Streetwise and ready to engage with the programme.

This programme allows Streetwise to offer a progression route for young women, helping them to become resilient adults. Without the funding and support of Instructus this programme would not be available. This pilot programme may result in a sustainable programme supporting the thousands of young people who seek their services.

Expected Outcomes

The experience of the Springboard programme will enable the young women to:

  • Positively change their circumstances
  • Increase their personal awareness, confidence and coping skills
  • Improve their self-esteem and their ability to consider new opportunities and make positive life choices

The youth workers experiencing the programme will also benefit:

  • Increased personal awareness, confidence and communication skills
  • Improved knowledge and increased toolkit for supporting young women in their personal development
  • Developed capacity as youth workers, benefitting the project and the young people they work with from disadvantaged areas of the city

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