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Giving people the opportunity to develop their skills can create a positive outcome for communities, employers and individuals alike. Every company within the Instructus organisation is committed to helping people achieve a better future for themselves through dynamic training and development, with a range of bespoke packages that help you to achieve your aims.

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Classed as ‘the nuts and bolts’, Chloe Emmerson started her career with digital agency Engine Creative as a Level 3 Business Administration apprentice. Find out how her course, certified by Instructus, has helped to shape her future.

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Geoban is a global company that works with major financial institutions. When they needed to implement a management training solution on a UK-wide scale, they turned to CQM to deliver the expert process development they were after.

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When findings by the British Association of Women in Policing suggested issues with inequality on the force, Suffolk Constabulary was one of several police forces to incorporate Spingboard Consultancy into their equality training.

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How We Work

It’s not just our delivery package that sets us apart. Reported outcomes from Instructus training include increased skills, motivation and confidence, better performance management and improved problem resolution. From personal development and life skills through to operational performance, Instructus delivers the training that you need.

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“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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