“We now have project teams that are constantly looking for improvements within business areas.”

Private Banking Team, Bradford

Overview: CQM Training & Consultancy worked with Geoban to drive functional multi-site management development and process improvements.
Industry: Service
Sector: Finance
Locations: Bradford, Bootle, Teesside, Milton Keynes, Leicester
Training Solution: Leadership & Management Development (L3), Improving Operational Performance (L2)
Candidates: G2 Specialist Managers
No on Programme: 200
Savings Achieved: £2M


About Geoban

Geoban is a global company that manages transactions conducted by Santander Group’s banks and financial institutions. It has established Centres of Excellence providing operational management services for Santander Group entities in retail banking, which cover the transactional activities of the Group’s back-office. Geoban needs to handle transactions of different types and levels of complexity with the capacity to manage all such activities comprehensively.

“CQM Training & Consultancy’s unique approach to embedding culture change across the sites has been truly effective. We now have a core of confident and effective managers, who are able to increase productivity and motivate teams. They have enabled us to deliver Service Excellence through Management Excellence.”

Jayne Hannan, Head of Resourcing, Talent, Learning and Development at Geoban UK, part of the Santander Group

Delivering a Tailor Made Solution

The group wanted to explore the potential to rationalise costs through the delivery of sustainable process improvements, whilst also embedding CI behaviours across the sites. Simultaneously, a programme to develop leadership and management capabilities was introduced in response to a key objective set by the group to increase service quality. CQM Training & Consultancy were able to provide the teams within the group with the skills to effectively manage, identify and resolve ongoing issues that had created inefficiencies and waste.

Data was gathered to validate the relevance of each project. The teams were then tasked with implementing the subsequent solutions, ensuring that Management and CI skills became an embedded and ongoing part of their daily working lives.

“Being able to work proactively and efficiently as part of a team with clearly defined roles has been key to our learning.”
Dual Screen Usage Team, Bootle

“Where there is a problem we now understand why it has occurred and use DMAIC to resolve it.”
Ops Support Team, Bradford

“It has become second nature to constantly identify and eliminate non value added activity within a process.”
Solicitor Correspondence Reduction Team, Teeside

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