Committed to creating opportunity

Instructus’ Board of Trustees is made up of senior representatives from mutliple sectors who volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that we deliver on our remit. As the Board of Trustees for the wider Instructus group, they also work to steer and develop our charitable programmes.

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Nigel Hopkins
Director: Abbeyfield Properties, People for Places Group
Non-Executive Director: Cotman Housing Association

Board of Trustees

Rosalyn Allen
Director: APM Training Company

Judith Norrington
Director: Sports Leadership UK

Emma Rush
President: Gyro UK

Richard Traish
Senior Partner: aRTT Associates

Alice Cooper
Development Coach: Cranford Coaching

Judit Seymour
Independent Director: Bedfordshire Police

“It’s about offering the same service and opportunities to all”
Yvonne Coolbear, Suffolk Constabulary

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